Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Carly in Flower Bed

Carly in Flower Bed
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After her summer cut... She's basking in her flower bed, I think she feels safest there... She loves to sleep there and it seems she doesn't have as many nightmares in it as she does in the black chair... She gets her cut also but not for the same reasons as Mitsuru, but because she gets hot and when she does. She sorta lays around like a beach whale and not wanting to move. This is not good as her vision is 75-80%, she neglects to go to the bathroom and drink [which she may become dehydrated] in the summer over the heat [heavy coat] and not able to see very well. This is my reasoning and it seems to work because for the past summer she was moving and doing kitty normal things... ^_^

Plus, its a check-plus as I don't have to be picking up dust-bunnies/kitties.


Mimi Staring

Mimi Staring
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Here's she is in here new summer cut... I think she hears the neighbors and she's listening in. Not quite sure what she was doing... Still... She weighs now 6.8pnds and she looks the part now... Yah, at least she won't be puking hairballs everywhere and be able to eat without throwing it up. Thank goodness it has worked and she's happy.


Thursday, April 30, 2009

Play day...

I have started them on exercising [playing] for Carly mostly she needs to loose a few pnds. Mitsuru is a skinny rail, we feel so bad cuz she looks like a anorexic thing reminds me of how Lindsay Lohan's looking these days.

Carly and Mitsuru played for 20 minutes with their favorite long silver necklace. They really love it. Specially Carly because she can hear it and sense it.

Yesterdays play day was like always except for Carly, she was funny/sad. She got near my sandals and jumped so high after she jumped she backed away and jumped again as she hit the leg of the PC caddy. It was funny but sad at the same time. After that ordeal she still was willing to play. This is the only time they don't fight. Well more like Mitsuru doesn't hiss or fight with poor Carly.

I feel so sad for her when she cannot see the sandals or if there is an object that wasn't /suppose/expected to be there. I wonder if she will always react like that?


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

The girls wish you all a very great green day! And want you to remember the 3 R's...



Monday, April 13, 2009

Shaving day...

She was a total good girl. She was so co-operative more then we can say about Mitsuru. We even brought Mitsuru with us. :) But to no avail Mitsuru totally attacked Carly. We had to separate them.

Almost done
I had to put Carly in the carrier but Mitsuru had to be carried and she was not really happy meowing like a banchie. I was so heart broken. It thought I was doing a good thing by bringer her with us but it was so bad. Never again will I be doing this.Carly sleeping after the ordeal


Peering Carly

She looks so damn cute... she loves her bed so very much... she has no idea that she'll be going to the hairdresser, in a few hrs... :)


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Our Beautiful Sophie

Our Beautiful Sophie
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Today I finally got such sad news. One of my flickr friends kitty, named Sophie, passed away. She was an adorable kitty. She was suffering from thyroid problems and was in a Radio Active Iodine Treatment.
Which was making her a bit better. But when I finally signed to flickr and saw read the email. I started to cry. My heart went out to Richard and his family. It's so hard to loose a love one. She's now in a place where she isn't suffering any more.

I cried and hugged my kitties and cried some more. I know its part of life but still it hurts so much to loose a special someone.

It brought back memories of Grace and Mr. Degu. :( And cried even more BFG came and comfort me. I really feel for Richard, it really gets to me cuz I can imagine how she might have been with them and then all of a sudden she is no longer there and although its good to remember her its a bit sad to also remember her cuz she isn't there any more. You know what I mean.

It's like when OCM lost JC Kitty... And when Hélène [merlinprincesse] also lost her prescious kitty Merlin. I cried even more to remember their loss.

I truly feel for all of you and your loss. My heart goes out to you all.

Richard was so kind to send me an email in his time of sorrow. I'm so truly grateful. There is also a Tribute Threat in our group. I feel truly for him. A big hug goes out to you and yours.


Friday, April 10, 2009

Mitsuru Sleeping

Mitsuru got shaved and was exhausted after her ordeal. She looks like a skinny mini but its worth it. She vomits so much, I feel its not good for her stomach. It cost way less then at the vet plus at the vet they put them down. More of a trauma for the body then when she's being shaved awake. Next week is Carly's appointment. I wonder if she will hiss at her?


Sunday, April 05, 2009

Mitsuru Lounging

she so enjoys the couch...


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